SPECTRA Laser microphone: a truly professional Laser microphone with audio recorder for audio spying and sound surveillance

We can state without any doubt that we offer the BEST laser listening devices in the world. Completely different than some other "educational projects" or toy devices you may find on the Internet, our long-distance laser audio listening instruments are the most reliable tools that law enforcement and professional surveillance teams can deploy in a matter of minutes, when achieving the tactical advantage in a critical situation becomes paramount.

Currently, we are the only company in the world to be able to offer a selection of 4 different Laser microphone models, each one available in two different versions, for an overall total of 8 different product options. Our Spectra Laser microphones are professional laser audio surveillance tools that will allow law enforcement professionals to surreptitiously listen in remotely on any premises by using a beam of invisible light as the sound-carrying medium and without ANY need to break-in or enter the target room. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and electronics, our laser microphones have no competition in the field when it comes to reliability, performance and ease of use. Althought the limitations imposed by the laws of physics will remain impassable, our microphones will push you close to the limit like never before.

Considering the sensitive nature of the product along with its high price, as well as its operational capabilities, sales of our SPECTRA Laser listening devices are restricted to law enforcement personnel and their authorized suppliers, only. We are able to perform a demo of our devices, however, demo will be subject to a demo fee + travel and lodging expenses.

Despite it is clearly written anywhere on this website, it seems that many people cannot read. We do not work for free in the hope of finalizing a sale, in layman's terms: we do not offer free demos.

We will disregard any demo request to be done in a hurry. If you are serious and know what you are doing, you will also take the necessary time to do it.

Within this website we will provide some reference information regarding our systems as follows:


Featuring totally portable configuration, the new SPECTRA SNEAKER model allows surreptitious listening of a target room by detection of an invisible ray of light that is being transmitted from an included Laser transponder. Operating range is up to 200-300mts in daylights and even double at night. Active mode of operation requires the use of a Laser transponder but offers full PPL ("Plant Point and Listen") performance delivering uninterrupted monitoring of the target room up to 100 hours continuously.

The SPECTRA Sneaker features:

- totally portable configuration;
- invisible Laser beam;
- PPL performance ("Plant Point and Listen");
- active mode of operation with simplified alignment and aiming;
- multiple aiming angles are possible depending on the transponder installation (easier to use with less alignment constraints);
- virtually impossible to detect (wide angle of emission at low power);
- adjustable modulation carrier allows improved audio quality and increased undetectability;
- inside-out listening (allows simultaneous listening inside and outside the target room);
- professional optical aiming system;
- multi-band equalizer;
- digital spectrum analyzer;
- digital voice recorder;
- double power feeding mode for receiving unit (battery power or DC power adapter);
- case-embedded receiving and decoding unit with loudspeaker;
- one professional tripod;
- professional MIL-STD carrying case with security locks.

Click here to download a demo recording for the SPECTRA Sneaker (2.7Mb) - The subject speaking in this recording stands about 8 meters away from the transponder microphone in the target room.


The SPECTRA LASER M TYPE is our best seller Laser microphone.
Brand new project, developed and designed with simplicity in mind, it is nevertheless a professional system allowing remote eavesdropping of a target room by shooting an invisible Laser beam from up to 3-400 mts/yds away.
The totally new M TYPE model is now available for orders: easy to set-up, it allows uninterrupted monitoring of any target room once correctly aligned and aimed at the target window.
Newest SPECTRA LASER TYPE M+ model also allows listening through walls (any kind).
The SPECTRA Laser M type and M+ type Laser microphones feature:

- totally portable configuration;
- invisible IR Laser beam;
- separated transmitter and receiver setup for use in virtually any situation, even when perpendicular alignment is not possible;
- multi-band graphic equalizer with digital sound processing;
- optical beacon for simplified alignment;
- multiple frequency (50Hz-20Khz) searchtone;
- innovative stealth Laser modulation technology disguises Laser carrier to countermeasure detectors;
- easy optical aiming system;
- 3-axis micrometric alignment regulators;
- digital infrared viewer for faster alignment (advanced version only);
- Laser-proof goggles for total operator security (advanced version only);
- digital voice recorder;
- double demodulated Laser signal output (processed and original);
- encrypted wireless radio link for highest confidentiality;
- low profile wireless radio receiver;
- double power feeding mode for transmitting and receiving unit (battery power or DC power adapter);
- two professional tripods;
- double MIL-STD IP67 carrying case.

Click here to download a demo recording for the SPECTRA Laser M type (3.4Mb) which has: no equalization, slight preamplifier gain, system aligned in a full perpendicular position to the target window (thermopane glass, 20mm thick).

Click here to download a demo recording for the SPECTRA Laser M type (3.5Mb) which has: full equalization + preamplifier gain, system aligned on a "V" array to the target window (English style window with double glass panes each one 2mm thick, air in between the two glasses).

This is an example of what you can expect in terms of audio quality from our SPECTRA LASER M TYPE operating in passive mode when you get a PERFECT alignment on a PERFECT SPOT:

click here to download a demo recording for the SPECTRA Laser M type (3.2Mb) which has: NO equalization, NO preamplifier gain, system PERFECTLY ALIGNED on the BEST listening spot (fully perpendicular to a thermopane glass window, 20mm thick; FM radio audio is in Italian).

The following recording illustrates SPECTRA LASER M+ TYPE performance when system is operating in active mode listening through walls:

click here to download a demo recording for the SPECTRA Laser M+ type (2.1Mb) which shows performance in active mode operation (system listening through a 35cm thick wall): sensitivity is so HIGH that if you pay good attention you will be able to hear car traffic sounds that are picked from the system on the outer side of the target wall.

In this recording, our SPECTRA LASER M TYPE operating in passive mode, is listening from a window of a very large room with a lot of natural reverb caused by its huge dimensions:

click here to download a demo recording for the SPECTRA Laser M type (1.7Mb) which has: equalization, preamplifier gain, system PERFECTLY ALIGNED on a good listening spot (fully perpendicular to a thermopane glass window, 20mm thick). The room is 150 square meters with an impressive natural reverb and an FM radio is on while the person inside speaks.


The SPECTRA SNIPER is the only Laser microphone in the world to offer multi-kilometric yet undetectable operation.

Featuring both active and passive mode of operation, it allows you to listen both through windows and walls over an amazing operating range of many kilometers with a simplified aiming and aligment procedure.




The SPECTRADOME K.A.L.I. (Komputer-Assisted Laser Interceptor) can be defined as the ultimate Laser interceptor for law enforcement and government agencies. This incredible system will allow unprecedented performance beyond any previous limitations and performance expectations.